BMW 5 Series 30th Anniversary

The iconic BMW 5 Series will reach its 30th year in production in just a few months. BMW’s Japanese gift In a way celebrating that amazing feat, BMW have released the 528i in Japan. Just 200 models will be built for release in the country, making it a very rare and unique BMW. It will(…)

The hybrid BMW X6 won’t be made

Emerging news from America has confirmed that the BMW X 6 Hybrid versions will pull out of production. When released, it was the most powerful hybrid car ever launched. After just two years of disappointing sales, it will be withdrawn from showrooms and production lines. The car was larger in dimensions than the X5 which(…)

BMW and the 2012 Olympics

BMW, an official sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics  have today unveiled the line up of vehicles for the games next year. It’s a great opportunity for the German car makers to show the worldwide audience their green car range. Securing the Olympic contract for BMW will mean higher eventual profits and better business, according(…)

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