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Top tips for maintaining your engine

When you’re lucky enough to be driving a BMW, who want to make sure you’re looking after it properly. Nowhere is this more important than the engine. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep it tip-top. Engine oil – When you’re checking your engine oil(…)

Hints & Tips for caring for your BMW

When you’re driving a BMW, you’re already guaranteed to look fantastic, but if you want to keep it in top shape, here are a few tips for when you’re cleaning it by hand. Clean bird mess ASAP. There’s no elegant way of putting it: Bird mess corrodes your paintwork so clean it off immediately. A(…)

2017’s most hotly anticipated cars #12 – The BMW X2

Today sees us continue our look ahead to this year’s most highly anticipated new releases. Coming in at number 12 (on our list of no particular order) is… The BMW X2 Finally, the production edition of the X2 concept that we all got so excited about back in November draws near to its release date.(…)

BMW will not make a supercar

BMW have stated that they don’t plan to develop a supercar and rival the Audi R8 anytime soon. The prestigious M division Many would agree with us when we say they create some of the world’s best performance cars, offering the beauty, power and drive that some can only dream about. Fans will know what(…)

BMW Oil Service

An oil change for your BMW is a procedure that all models need to maintain and protect its engine. When an oil change indicator light comes on, it is strongly recommended you get an oil change. You should receive an oil service when 12,000 miles per year 12,000 -20,000   per year 20, 0000 miles or(…)

BMW Interim Service

You may need an interim service after 6 months in between your full service when your car exceeds over 10,000 miles per year. This is highly recommended for high mileage users. If you drive your BMW rarely (Under 5000 miles per year) you can do interim service instead of Full Service. Either way interim services(…)

BMW Full Service

A full service with for your BMW means your car is running at its very best. The major components are checked thoroughly. Full services will keep your car safe and will maintain important parts within the car. This will effectively ensure that future major repairs are avoided. A full service with Servicing Stop Save up(…)

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