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BMW Planning To Change the i Department

BMW’s i division have long been assimilated with the creation and development of electric cars. So far, the division have created the all electric i3 and the i8 plug in hybrid sports car. Although both of these vehicles are both extremely good vehicles, there have been mixed reviews and as a result, BMW are transforming(…)

BMW 8 Series Returning

There have been so many rumours circulating about the reshuffling of BMW’s series’. We recently mentioned that the 6 Series was undergoing a revolutionary change and will soon fit in the sports car category. The 6 Series will therefore rival the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes-AMG GT. But alongside this, it is also rumoured that(…)

BMW to Update the 6 Series?

There are plenty of rumours circulating that BMW are going to not only update their 6 Series, but they will in fact be completely revolutionising it. There has been a BMW insider who Auto Express has talked to and this has given the motoring world some sort of clue to whether or not it will(…)

BMW to Release Anniversary Edition of M3

BMW are a really remarkable company when it comes to the release of special edition cars. They have been consistently releasing limited edition vehicles which celebrates their rich motoring history. Just recently for example, we discussed the 2002 homage concept and they don’t seem as if they are going to stop soon. With this then,(…)

BMW to Recall SUV’s

BMW have announced that they will be issuing a recall for over half a million SUV’s worldwide as a result of a faulty seat latch. This particular recall can be very worrying for many owners of a BMW SUV as it involves the safety of children in particular. So, BMW’s will be recalling exactly 622,000(…)


The BMW M4 GTS is the most recent addition to the ever popular set of modified street to track cars that big automotive companies keep unveiling. So, with the BMW M4 GTS, will it live up to the high price tags and extra engineering that has gone into its production, or will it fade away(…)

Who Would Want A Name Like That For the Next 100 Years?

There are and have been some ridiculous car names out there. The Mazda Scrum Wagon, the Mitsubishi Lettuce and the Mazda Titan Dump are to name just a few, but now, it’s time for BMW to work their magic. Servicing Stop introduces to you, the ‘BMW Individual M760i xDrive Model V12 Excellence THE NEXT 100(…)

BMW Recalls Its Flagship Car

BMW is a company which is known for its combination of luxury and efficient performance. The car which encapsulates what BMW is, is the flagship 7 Series. The 7 Series is the vehicle which stands at the top end of what BMW see and engineer as luxury. But recently, they have had to recall thousands(…)

2017 Will See a New Generation BMW X3

The BMW X3 series has been an ever present force in the SUV market since its conception in 2003. Until recently, the X3 dominated the SUV market but now, as a result of the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC and Porsche Macan models, it is starting to slump in sales. In order to combat this, BMW(…)

BMW gifts itself a futuristic new driving concept for 100th birthday

The lucky(?) few of us who get to see the age of 100 can most likely just look forward to a card from the Queen. To celebrate its centenary, BMW revealed their new concept car called the BMW Vision Next 100. The car will focus on the ubiquitous autonomous technology, and BMW says that the(…)

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