BMW Models

BMW’s New Plug-in Hybrid

The all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are only gaining popularity as time advances. This is down to the general public’s consistently raising awareness of the protection of the environment, and the continuation of more pressing environmental protection laws. This isn’t a bad thing for all automotive companies however as more models mean more sales(…)

The BMW Z5

The BMW Z4 was a particularly strange vehicle. It looked rather odd with two seats, a front mounted engine and all of the vehicles power was sent to the rear wheels. For those that are unaware, this screams sports car, but it was missing something to really define and set it apart from its competitors.(…)

BMW US Sales

It is always interesting to see what the sales of major car companies are like all over the world. From this, usually one can gather either information on new trends, or how major companies are generally performing. Using the United States as a model is most certainly the best way to measure how well an(…)

BMW 100 Year 3 and 4 Series

At this moment in time, BMW seem to be really pushing the fact that they are celebrating their 100th year anniversary. The Bavarian company have released multiple concept cars, created a huge celebratory statue for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and have also release special edition versions of their vehicles. Japan have been very fortunate(…)

The 4 Series Update

BMW just recently updated the 4 series vehicle and it is set for release in the foreseeable future. We recently mentioned that there was going to be a huge reshuffle within the 4 Series as they set to try and dominate the compact executive coupé market. With both Audi and Mercedes looking to release new(…)

LAPD and the i3

As we have stated many times here at Servicing Stop, the BMW i3 is a very efficient vehicle which has sadly failed to sell anywhere near the amount of units that it should. But, BMW musty be rejoicing now as the Los Angeles Police Department have just ordered 100 of the compact electric vehicles. So(…)

BMW’s SUV Recall

BMW are really having a hard time with SUV’s at this moment in time. They have just recently had to recall 622,000 vehicles over a faulty safety clip for child seats. Those models affected were the X3 and X4 built between 2011 and 2017. This time round however, the number isn’t as big, but SUV’s(…)

Project Chong

It is always interesting when a professional independent company takes hold of a car and adds its own touch to it. In most cases, you will get a car with better technical statistics, added external features like spoilers and usually an original wrap to complement too. We know that the M4 is already an impressive(…)

BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series for BMW, is one of its best sellers. This can most certainly be said for BMW in the USA whereby one in four BMW’s sold are a 3 Series. So we know that the 3 Series is excellent but, BMW believe that updates are necessary to keep their vehicles fresh and up(…)

BMW Gran Coupe

So, it has been rumoured that there is soon going to be a huge shake up in BMW’s series line up. One of these rumours is that there will soon be the creation of a new vehicle which will sit in the 2 Series. It has been argued that BMW will replace their beautiful two(…)

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