BMW Reveal New Quad-Turbo Diesel Engine

BMW have recently revealed a quad-turbo engine which is likely to feature in their high end range of cars. With strong competition in the engine department from their rivals, BMW have manufactured the new engine to entice people to purchase their most luxury vehicles over other rival brands like Audi and Mercedes.

BMW-Reveal-New-Quad-Turbo-Diesel-EngineSo the engine, as you would expect, really can perform. The 7 Series (the car that the engine will be installed in), with the new 3.0 litre Quad-Turbo Diesel Six-Cylinder engine equipped, will manage to reach 60mph from standstill in less than 4.5 seconds. As well as that, the engine can also produce 394 hp and 561 lb-ft. This is most definitely an upgrade on the previous triple-turbo engine which produced 381 hp and 546 lb-ft.

The four turbochargers will be split in to two too. By having two low-pressured turbochargers and two high-pressured turbochargers, more horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency will be added. It has been stated that the new engine will cut down on the current engines fuel economy by 5 percent. Moreover, the engine will also be lighter as the larger turbocharger is altered. So as a result of the engine weight, expect the new 7 Series to be slightly lighter too.

BMW have only stated that the new engine will only be installed in Europe at this moment in time. But it will come as no surprise if it will be installed globally soon too. The engine, after being displayed at the 7th annual International Engine Symposium, will firstly be installed on the BMW 750d xDrive but, it is also rumoured to be fitted to the X5, X6, the 6 Series and the 5 Series later.

Although for many, this doesn’t seem like a big motoring step but, a few years ago, a 3.0 litre Quad-Turbo Diesel Six-Cylinder engine would have been limited to only the very best sports cars on the market. Yet now, they are beginning to find their way into the everyday drivers market, which is electrifying news.