BMW and MOG combine to provide in car technology

BMW are combining with MOG, a music media company for a new way of motorists using in car technology.

Users of the MOG streaming platform means users can simply listen to any song at any time on request whilst driving. Sounds pretty useful doesn’t it.

The intelligent entertainment system is an award winning peace of technology. MOG specialise in on-demand music services.

Already in the MINI

BMW have managed to strike a deal with the company to utilise MOG technology in their cars. Some Mini customers have already received the many benefits of the MOG system as it has been installed within their cars for many months.

In 2011, selected BMW and Mini vehicles with respective BMW Apps and the Mini Connected Systems installed within their car will have the option available to them.

Through their iPhone, customers can download MOG to their phone. It can be easily accessed via the MINI Connected or BMW Apps systems.


MOG CEO David Hyman gave an insight to the technologies capabilities. He said

“It is a real thrill to be the first on-demand music service in the car, and to truly transform a powerful, personal environment for experiencing music,”

“This will make it fast and easy for drivers to enjoy the music they love, uninterrupted and unlimited, while maintaining their focus on the road.”

Drew Denbo, the SVP of Business Development at the company stated that bringing the “unique experience” to motorists. He said

“People listen to music more while driving than anywhere else, so it was critical for us to offer MOG in the car

“BMW and MINI have been incredible partners on this journey and we’re excited to finally bring this unique experience to fruition for the most avid auto and music lovers in the US.”


Dirk Rossberg, the Head of BMW Group Technology in the companies USA division hinted that listening to customer’s needs is what brought about the partnership with MOG.

“The partnership with MOG is another great step for MINI Connected and BMW Apps, as we continue to listen to our customers and work to assess, develop and launch the apps they want most in a timely manner,”

We hope that the new BMW in car entertainment technology spread to the UK as it really does like  a great idea.