Will They Be Friends Again?

Will-They-Be-Friends-AgainRecently we discussed the fact that Apple went to BMW for help in the development of all electric car. But, the talks soon soured between the companies in regards to the collection of data. Because of this, the two companies went their separate ways and have rarely been mentioned in the same sentence since.  Well this could be right, if you don’t count the Austrian based manufacturer of whom both BMW and Apple are contracted with. To put the story straight, BMW and Apple have made a contract together in another department.

The new relationship between Apple and BMW comes through Apple’s CarPlay which will finally be installed in the Bavarian automotive giant’s vehicles towards the end of 2016. It has been rumoured that the first cars to have Apple CarPlay installed will be the X5 M and the X6 M. The price range for the CarPlay is expected to be around the region of £300 but, the price list won’t be released until the 1st August. The CarPlay will then be installed in these vehicles with the possibility of them branching down and out to multiple other models.


Apple have their CarPlay feature installed in multiple other car companies’ vehicles already but, as we have previously mentioned, the fall out front the electric car talks may have halted the process until now. On the other hand, BMW may have believed that the CarPlay was not worth purchasing and have just recently reversed that decision. We also know that the new BMW’s, which will feature Apple’s CarPlay, will come equipped with 10.25 inch LED touch screen.  Connectivity is a key area which BMW seem to be making a lot of effort to improve in.

With the world as it is now, connectivity is key and having the option for consumers to buy Apple’s CarPlay can only be a positive…