Why it’s so hard to compete against BMW

Does BMW USA have a weakness? Well if they do it will be extremely difficult to discover in the first place and compete against.

If Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Lexus were not enough, Cadillac has attempted to enter the competitive luxury car market in America. The General Marketing Manager for the company has already admitted that taking on such a task will prove to be extremely tough.

BMW made it to the top of the sales charts last year, by the skin of their teeth. The battle between Mercedes-Benz USA and BMW USA was so intense that neither wanted to reveal their total sales figures at the start of this year. Despite Mercedes-Benz pushing for that number one spot this year, with them actually winning most months so far this year, BMW are still seen as the company to beat.

How are rivals attempting to compete against the company who have gained such a strong advantage over recent years? Audi have changed their philosophy altogether in recent years. Previously they used to appeal to the older generation, with the company being seen as an old man’s car manufacturer. Revitalised car designs have brought the youth on side. Strong performances, luxurious features and a great deal of superb technology have made the company the fastest growing company in the world across most major and emerging car markets.

Lexus were the longstanding number one luxury car provider in North America for a number of years. Their exceptional customer service was a major factor behind their success. Now they are behind the three top German brands, a bitter blow for the Japanese company. The Japanese Tsunami seriously affected business in 2011. Part availability was seriously cut short with production also having to come to a halt. This year they are showing great signs of recovery. Their sales have been rising with the President of the company promising to bring back great designs.

BMW have also come out and stated that they are not prepared to give their number one spot. Being at the top understandably means a lot to the company. They have countered their opposition by releasing cars such as the rejuvenated 3 Series. The M division has gone through a great revamp too with plenty of redesigns and upgrades.

The BMW X1 is not the most common sort of vehicle in the luxury division over in America. BMW see this as an advantage and believe that it will allow the company to receive a great deal of extra customers.

BMW USA will have a tough battle on their hands over the next 5 years to keep their number one spot. Some experts believe Mercedes-Benz will knock them off their perch at the end of the year.