What is Going to Happen to the BMW i8?

There have recently been rumours circulating that the BMW i8 is going to have a facelift towards the end of 2017. So what is going to be involved in the facelift and, will it push forward the green technology that the i8 has been so instrumental in advancing.


Well of course the main concern with the i8 will be its green capabilities. From reports, it sounds as if there will be some quite serious improvements on the battery and the engine. There will be a larger battery which will increase its range as the current range is around 37km whilst running on the purely electric mode. Obviously it increases when the hybrid petrol engine is used but, the pure electric update will allow for around 50km of driving. As well as this, the update on the batteries power from 7.1kWh to 10kWh amongst other powertrains from Formula E vehicles, will allow it to break the four second time to reach 60mph from stand still.

There are also many other rumours surrounding the BMW i8’s expected facelift. These rumours include a remodelled chassis and suspension, altered automatic transmission and the dropping of weight through the use of carbon fibre wheels. The change in wheel material will apparently help the German company’s electric supercar to shave twenty percent off of the cars weight.

However, the most interesting rumoured change will be the introduction of a wireless charging system. The wireless charging system will be developed alongside Qualcomm’s Halo technology in the hope to project the BMW i8 to the very front of electric technology. It is rumoured that Tesla is also working on a similar project too so time for both companies is really of the essence. For this to work there will be an electric wireless charging station installed into the owners home which will allow the car can charge. The technology, at this moment in time is available but, there can only be a few millimetres gap for it to work. Therefore, BMW have to be extremely innovative in order to accomplish this project.

Either way, we are sure that BMW will manage to really impress the motoring world with the facelift…

Photo credit: BMW