The upcoming BMW 1 Series M Coupe

When released, the 1 Series M Coupe will be placed at the very peak within the 1 Series line-ups. The “M” symbol is something that excites all BMW fans and has a lot to live up to. We’ll analyse various features about the car in this article.

Following the major accomplishments by the BMW 1 Series, the new 1 Series M Coupe has a lot to live up to. The prestigious M badge will also increase the pressure placed upon the car to do well.


As expected the performance is near excellent. Some who have tested the car say that it beats the performance of some supercars which is quite a feat. Even in sixth gear, you’ll be able to rev and speed up. The gear changes are very short with wonderfully weighted steering.

The looks

In terms of looks, the colours we have seen so far of the car are striking, looking very distinguishable. The body kit makes the car look powerful, along with the spectacular looking quad exhaust.


There are sports seats as expected which are widely adjustable and offer an enjoyable driving position. The overall interior hasn’t received tremendous praise as much as other features around the car such as the performance. It still looks classy however, with many different gadgets around the driver. A 10 inch colour screen placed along the dashboard comes across as sophisticated and quite attractive too.  BMW’s iDrive technology navigates and gives access to the controls on the screen with the use of a knob.

The 1 Series M Coupe comes with some great extras such as Internet connectivity with access to Google services. Various applications are also accessible too, with the cost said to be £95 over three years. Sound good? Internet connectivity is one feature that could really set the car away from its rivals.

The car doesn’t come cheap however. It will set you back around £40,020. Although cars with the M badge usually come at a premium, it is perhaps too early to say whether it has justified its price tag just yet.

Some may have heard about the news earlier in the summer, leading to great anticipation of the 1 Series M Coupe. Would you really go for a hyped up 1 Series? Either way we are looking forward to the car.