The Pacts Plans

The-Pacts-PlansWe recently mentioned that BMW, Intel and Mobileye have formed a partnership in order to create a fully autonomous vehicle. Although this news was just a rumour a few days ago, it is now reality. From this reality, it is now clearer what each company will be offering to the deal, if it wasn’t clear enough already. So the main news now comes from the fact that the partnership is official and the groups’ intentions are clear.

BMW, Intel and Mobileye will try and take the centre stage in the race to create the first fully autonomous car. By taking centre stage, BMW will really want to set the standard for autonomous technology now and in the future. We are aware that BMW’s i Division have stopped producing electric vehicles and have moved towards self driving cars. The iNext will be this autonomous vehicle, and according to BMW’s CEO Harald Kruger, we will see it in 2021. There therefore is a definite future date set.

So we know that there is an official partnership, but what will the companies be bringing to the table? Well Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich has stated that “We bring a broad set of in-vehicle and cloud computing, connectivity, safety and security, and machine-learning assets to this collaboration enabling a truly end-to-end solution.” Mobileye co-founder Professor Amnon Shashua said that his company will “contribute our expertise in sensing, localization and driver policy to enable fully autonomous driving in this cooperation.”

This group of three are attempting to create a future proof solution towards autonomous driving with safety and privacy at the forefront of their innovation. With this being said, it may be very difficult for BMW to accomplish this in such a small amount of time. We are sure they will, but with the recent autonomous driving fatality, safety will be a pressing matter for every company, especially one that dedicated a pledge to safety.