The new Mini John Cooper Works GP makes worldwide debut

The new Mini John Cooper Works GP has been revealed by the BMW owned company. It is a limited edition road car within excellent racing capabilities, making it the fastest ever that MINI has produced.

The vehicle will go on sale for £28,790 and will be officially showcased at the Paris Motor Show later this month. If you want one you will have to very quick as just 2,000 units will be built originally.

What’s special about this vehicle is the immense quality of John Cooper Works technology built within. The car will be able to produce a maximum of 218 BHP, quite an outstanding figure considering the size and type of the vehicle. The engine will be a four cylinder turbo that comes with adjustable coilover suspension. In order to contain all of that power, there will be a magnificent brake system which is designed for extra powerful vehicles.

The alloys may look stylish but they along with the tyres that are wrapped around them are designed to deliver a superb performance. Handling will prove to be great fun with the car designed to deliver excitement to the driver. The tyres have great grip and are thin for better manoeuvring.
Weight is all important to developing a sports car. As far the Mini Cooper Works GP is concerned, the car weighs very little, just 1,160 KG. That makes it one the lowest weighing cars in it’s particular segment.

The vehicle was tested at the Nürburgring North Loop circuit, a former Grand Prix venue. Here the car helped develop it’s aerodynamic ability, engine and suspension to reach it’s full potential. The car managed to record a lap time of 8:23 seconds. This was an extremely respectable time, with bigger named sports cars struggling to achieve the same feat. In 0 – 62 MPH the car will record a time of 6.3 seconds. The vehicles top speed reaches a maximum of 150 MPH.

Dr Kay Segler, the Senior Vice President of Mini said that the power boost of the car was a low priority compared to the vehicle losing weight and the chassis dynamics. He wanted the Mini Cooper John Works GP to easier and more fun to drive rather than a pure power vehicle.