The new BMW 7 Series priced at £58,115

The stunning new BMW 7 Series will cost £58,115 when released on the 2nd of September this year. Sounds expensive but you have to pay for quality and the new 7 Series posses plenty of that.

Luxurious interior
Sit inside the 7 Series and you like you are in heaven (almost). The luxury surroundings and the design is something to be greatly admired. There will be a choice of either Nappa or Dakota leather. Sound proofing materials have been installed throughout the cabin which ensures that the ride is a lot more pleasurable especially when beside noisy buses. Variable ambient lighting helps change the mood.

The seating plan
BMW have adopted a new type of seating structure for their 7 Series. They wanted to ensure that the driver and all passengers sit in the greatest amount of comfort possible. Extra comforting seats are optional extras which can have folding tables that come with them too. A brand new entertainment system with a 9.2 inch colour screen placed at the rear of the car is also a wonderful optional extra to select.

Rear comfort seats can also be purchased. These allow the rear seats to be altered at an angle along with the overall position of the seat and the head restraint. If the driver wants their passengers to sit in a greater amount of comfort, they can also select the long wheelbase version of the BMW 7 Series. The longer wheelbase gives out an extra 140mm of space for the passenger’s legroom and an extra 10mm for passenger headroom at the back.

Driving modes
The driver will be able to select Comfort, Sport or ECO PRO mode with the use a Drive Performance Button.

All different engines to choose from
Customers will be able to choose from either a petrol or diesel engine to begin with. There is something for everyone.


The leader of the pack is the BMW 760Li. This has a 12 cylinder engine with twin turbochargers. The 5,972cc V12 engine is made of aluminium and contains all direct fuel injection, TwinPower turbo and Double-VANOS technology. In just 4.6 seconds the sizeable vehicle will be able to race from 0 – 62 MPH. Electronically the car will be limited to 155 MPH. It will also have a respectable economy rating of 21.1 MPG and 314g/km of C02 emissions.