The New BMW 7 Series can park itself

The New BMW 7 Series can park itself_2015BMW are set to release the new 7 series with a whole host of new cool features, but one has caught the eye of many. You can now get the car to park itself while outside the vehicle.

How the self parking system will work

This will work buy controlling the car remotely using it key fob, without anybody inside the vehicle. The BMW i3 had a similar feature where you could get the car to park itself, but you had to inside the car to do it, now with this feature you can park BWM 7 Series it from outside the vehicle. So if you have ever had any trouble parking your car this could be really helpful to you.

Some other features

The new BMW 7 Series will also benefit from some advanced chassis control system that can be adjusted by the driver at a push of a button.  This includes adjustable dampers (Dynamic Damper Control), speed-sensitive steering (Active Steering) and active roll stabilization (Dynamic drive). The New 7 series will also include suspension with automatic self-levelling as standard with the vehicle.

All New six-cylinder engines

BMW will include new engines in the vehicle which are based on a six-cylinder design based on their current three and four-cylinder engines. The new engines will feature direct fuel injection along with turbo charging, and will also be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Along with the new six-cylinder engine, the new BMW 7 series will also be available with V-8 and even V-12 options.

Release date & Price

The unveil of the new BMW 7 Series is set for time in September next year, with the official release date believed to be not far behind that. The price of the new BMW 7-Series is set to rise from the old 7-series though with buyers expect to pay around £60,000 for the entry-level models, and close to £100,000 for the top models.