The BMW X6 to hit Australian showrooms

The BMW X6 is the most powerful diesel SUV in the world, selling 150,000 around the world since its release back in 2008.
It’s latest model from the family is set for release in Australia, with the M50d model costing $157,000. BMW Australia are sure the vehicle will build on it’s success.

You’ll get electric sports seats, an M sports steering wheel, leather trim seats, adaptive bi-xenon headlights, an advanced infotainment system, satellite navigation, internet access and more for that price. A rear view camera is included as you will need it for safety purposes considering the size of the vehicle.

The 20 inch alloy wheels look spectacular on the vehicle, sporting the look of aggression. The M models come with a more aggressive body kit including bigger air intakes, lower front air splitters, horizontal trim bars and different alloy wheels.
The car is no slow coach despite being a diesel and sizeable, reaching 0 – 62 MPH in only 5.3 seconds. The triple turbo diesel common rail direct injection along with the six cylinders helps the vehicle achieve such a feat.
The xDrive all wheel drive helps the balance of power to be utilised to splendid effect. The vehicle comes standard with Dynamic Performance Control. This helps the driver achieve better performance on the road.
The X6 contains adaptive damping; rear air suspension and anti roll functions. This combines with the low profile tyres allow the car to be as agile as possible.
Safety is essential in a vehicle such as this. The technology will include cruise control, cornering brake control, hill descent control, tyre pressure monitoring and more. Many have praised the vehicle’s safety ability. It is one of the safest BMW SUV’s running on Australian roads.

For a large diesel vehicle the X6 surprisingly has a minimal amount of noise from the engine. Cruising and travelling long distance journeys will be quite comforting and quiet.

There is an eight speed automatic gearbox which works perfectly with the powerful diesel engine.
We believe that the vehicle is worth the $157,000 price tag for all that it offers and the prestige that it comes with. The inside is luxurious and the X6 M50d looks like a real beast. It drives like one too. M badges on BMW’s always look better. BMW Australia are very lucky to receive such a vehicle on their market.