The BMW X1 Keeps On Getting Bigger and Better… But Mainly Bigger

The BMW X1 keeps getting bigger and bigger as a result of different market focuses. The X1 has been an SUV which has taken the world by storm. But in China, the X1 has accounted for around half of their sales, so it is obviously extremely popular. So, with the next generation X1, what have BMW done to ensure that the sales of the X1 will continue throughout the year and in to the next? BMW sold around 460,000 of their vehicles in China last year and 200,000 of those were the X1. This saw a 1.7 percent rise in sales, but BMW expect that the new X1 will push sales onwards for the next few years.


The X1 has sold well across the world but in China, the plan now is to extend the wheel base by 79 mm. At this moment in time, the measurement for the wheel base is 4500 mm. This change will therefore improve rear door and rear seat legroom. If BMW’s research is correct then this very small change will benefit sales massively. The change will not affect the size of the boot though as it will remain at 505 litres for all the models globally. Other than that change, there is very little difference between models.

There will be a choice of two petrol engines however. BMW are offering a 1.5 litre three cylinder with 134 bhp and a turbocharged 2.0 litre four cylinder engine offering 189 bhp. These are the statistics for the front wheel drive but, if the four wheeled drive is selected, then extra bhp will be added.

The X1 is already a very popular model in China but will a slight change in length be able to ensure that it keeps on selling? Well maybe, BMW have already added longer wheel bases on two other models and the sales have been positively affected as a result. So hopefully for BMW, this decision will be a positive one.