The BMW Active Tourer Concept

The BMW Active Tourer Concept was recently unveiled as a showcase of future car technology from the German car company at the Paris Motor Show. There has been speculation that the car could go on to make it into production. If that occurs, it could out to be a revolutionary move for BMW and the whole car industry itself.

Active Tourer looks a cross between the Citroen Picasso and the Volkswagen Golf.  The body shape and the car’s exterior is not the vehicle’s main concern however. The technology that goes beneath the bonnet is main topic of conversation. The plug-in hybrid petrol engine has the capability of allowing the vehicle to drive for 20 miles on electric power only after being charged.

There is an electric motor which is coupled with a 1.5 litre three cylinder petrol engine within the bonnet. The electric motor provides power to the rear wheels and the petrol engine provides power to the front wheels. Some have described this news as a bit of shocking considering BMW’s philosophy of using rear wheel drive. We will see this specific piece of technology within the BMW i8 in the future as confirmed by the company themselves.

Together, the car is able to produce a total of 90 BHP. According to German luxury car makers, the BMW Active Tourer will be able to record a top speed of 125 MPH and reach 0 – 62 MPH in less than 8 seconds. These statistics are quite impressive considering that the car is wholly an economical type of vehicle. Its efficiency rates at 113 MPG and 60g/km of C02 emissions, a fantastic reading by anyone’s standards.
There has been speculation that the car could be introduced in 2014. If it was released, the car would act as direct competition to the Mercedes-Benz B-Class. The vehicle would be practically the same size in all dimensions.

It has the same platforms and engine as the MINI. Despite that, both will be two completely different cars and will not divert attention away from either one. The new MINI debuts at the start of 2013.

The alloys are fantastically large, standing at 20 inches. This greatly helped the vehicle stand out at the Paris Motor Show. Will the BMW Active Tourer be released in the future?