The BMW 640d Gran Coupe

The upcoming BMW 640d Gran Coupe is due for release very soon. It will be one of the main vehicles for BMW at the Olympic Games this summer. The world will get to see one of the most technological and sophisticated vehicles on the market.

The best bits

Inside the vehicle comes a splendid 3.0 litre six cylinder turbo diesel engine (Pretty strange considering the name of the model is the 640d) This will be mated to an eight speed automatic gearbox transmission.


It will be able to produce 313 BHP when the Rev needle hits 4,400 RPM. The car’s maximum speed will hit 155 MPH, thanks to BMW electronically limiting it’s full potential. Despite being a big car, the 640d can accelerate with the best of them. In just 5.4 seconds, the car will be able to reach 0 – 62 MPH.


The major selling point of the vehicle is certainly it’s tremendous economical benefits. On a combined cycle the vehicle will achieve a tremendous 49.6 MPG and hit C02 emissions of 149g/km. BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology is clearly at it’s best here.

Four door coupe

Another major attraction of the car is that it is a four door coupe, a vehicle type that is quite rare. Luxurious four door coupes are not often seen on UK roads.

The BMW 6 Series

The new range of BMW 6 Series vehicles will include 640i which has a 3 litre engine and a 650i which has a 4.4 litre engine, capable of hitting 313 BHP. These two will also come with an eight speed transmission. Expect the BMW 640d Gran Coupe in question to account for 80 per cent of sales.

Inside the cabin

The cabin is extremely luxurious and spacious at the same time. Five passengers can fit and stretch their legs, sitting in comfort and being surrounded by luxury.

Quiet Drive

The 640d offers a very quiet drive. The six cylinder engine makes all the right noises at the right times.


How will the BMW 640d cope against the Mercedes-Benz CLS? Many believe that the CLS edges the 640d looks and design wise but the BMW 640d offers a better performance and economy.

As you may have expected, the vehicle will not come cheap by anyone’s standards. It will come at a price of £63,900. Not long to go, the BMW 640d goes on sale in June.