Scalextric-style roads could be used to wirelessly charge electric vehicles

blog-t-5‘Power-up’ strips could be used on UK roads to wirelessly charge electric vehicles in the future.

The strips, similar in appearance to the Scalextric racing toys, are currently being developed by several companies, BMW amongst them. The UK government has invested £40 million into the research aimed at finding a viable method of charging whilst on the move.

Providing the infrastructure needed to manage the burgeoning demands of electric vehicles has long been one of the main problems associated with the technology. As more and more households throughout the country switch to electric vehicles, the National Grid will find itself under more strain as it struggles to cope with the increased demand. Additionally, the increased number of charging points required poses another problem, one that local councils throughout the UK will need to solve. Strips that the cars pass over, that ‘transmit’ charge wirelessly could be a practical solution.

The project falls firmly within the government’s Road to Zero strategy, an initiative aimed at reducing vehicle emissions.

The Road to Zero document read: “The development of wireless charging is an exciting prospect and one the Government is planning to support through our new R&D programme.

“Dynamic wireless charging – enabling vehicles to be charged whilst on the move – is being actively explored by a number of companies in the UK.

“Upgrading motorways with this technology could allow vehicles to be driven long distances without affecting battery life and pave the way for commercial vehicles, buses and taxis to charge in use.”

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