Rolls Royce Join in Celebrations

Rolls-Royce-Join-in-CelebrationsAs we have mentioned very recently, this year marks 100 years since the birth of the Bavarian motoring giant BMW and to celebrate, the company have released a range of concept cars. We have already seen the iNext concept car created by BMW, and MINI’s concept, now however Rolls Royce have released the Vision Next 100 to the public.

It has been reported that Rolls Royce asked themselves multiple questions when attempting to design their celebratory concept car. These included; ‘How can we recast luxury for the next 100 years?’, ‘What will a Rolls-Royce owner expect of his or her Rolls-Royce in the coming decades?’ and ‘How do we at Rolls-Royce today envision how we meet those expectations?’ These few questions were certainly answered by the luxury company as they managed to create one of the most extravagant and exciting luxurious concept vehicles ever.


Named the 103EX, this vehicle will be a completely electric autonomous carriage based vehicle. With dimensions set at 5ft high and 20ft long, the 103EX will have two 250kw motors, a personal assistant and automatic opening storage space to ensure that the vehicle will be the pinnacle of autonomous vehicles entering the scene via a ‘grand arrival’.

The interior will heavily rely on the use of 3D printing in order to create a bespoke and luxury feel which can be customised at the individual’s request. However, Rolls Royce will try and create a lounge atmosphere for the passenger; this includes comfort, space and complete quiet.  The personal assistant, named ‘Eleanor’ will also control all the entertainment and digital services such as ‘itineraries, schedules and options before they leave their residence, reminding about appointments and tasks and making suggestions to ease any anticipated impediments.’

Rolls Royce certainly has pulled out all of the stops in the creation of this concept vehicle. Although it is highly unlikely that this vehicle will be put into production, we can safely assume that the idea of the electric motors will soon find its way into production.