Man protects BMW from hurricane by parking in his living room

Man-protects-BMW-from-hurricane-by-parking-in-his-living-roomWhen you’ve got something truly precious, understandably you might not want to let it out of your sight, especially if there’s a hurricane on the way.

Nowhere is this truer than in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, recently battered by hurricane Matthew. Hearing the storm was on the way, Randy Jalil decided not to deposit his BMW E30 M3 in a storage facility or garage, no; he chose somewhere a lot closer to home to safeguard his pride and joy – his home.

Randy has become a viral sensation after he moved his beloved BMW to the safety of his living room, ensuring he could keep his eye on it whilst the weather raged outside. After measuring the width of his double doors, Randy found he could easily fit the car through with a couple of feet to spare.

The petrol head said: “I’ve owned my E30 for about 8 years now and the last few years there was a spike in value with these cars. I wasn’t risking anything!

“This car is absolutely my pride and joy and I will own it for years to come. I currently daily drive the car and enjoy it as much as possible. Most people nowadays will keep them tucked away in their garage to keep the value up. Cars are meant to be driven and I will always live by that.

“It’s almost in a stock form but most people refer to it as OEM+. You can also say that I purchased the right home to be able to drive my car right in. Fortunately I don’t have a wife to tell me otherwise so the morning of prior to the storm I stuffed it right into my house. I felt my chances of having the car inside the home would prevent anything from happening. Luckily it worked out the way!”

In the end, Florida was spared the worst of the hurricane’s ferocity, but Randy had no intention of leaving anything to chance.

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