Lexus causing havoc in the American luxury car battle

Lexus have outsold BMW and Mercedes during the month of August. This has come as a major surprise as both BMW USA and Mercedes America have been competing every month for the last two years for that number spot.

Lexus suffered a major blow in 2011 following the Japanese earthquake in 2011. They were the number one luxury brand in the United States for a number of years but sales eventually dried up, allowing their German rivals to take the reins.

The news of the Japanese brand coming back up the sales charts is even more of a surprise considering that Audi were recording such high growth in sales. Audi are the fastest growing car manufacturer in the world. They have been hugely successful in the American market in recent times, claiming that they are ready to compete with both BMW USA and Mercedes America in the very near future. If anyone was to outsell the top two, it was expected to be Audi.

There is no hope now of Lexus outselling the top two in terms of whole annual sales, unless there is miracle. Considering the disaster of 2011 for Lexus, they still managed to finish third, a very respectful position indeed. Parts were in short supply meaning a cut in production was needed. Compared to 2011, Lexus are expecting a 20 per cent increase in sales.

Lexus managed to sell 24,237 in August alone. BMW USA sold 24,237 whereas Mercedes managed to sell 16,835. Year-to-date figures record at 150,604, 164,636, and 182,098 respectively.

Experts have played the news down. They believe that Lexus would have peaked only through August and BMW and Mercedes-Benz will continue their battle in the number one and two spots. Lexus themselves have admitted that they do not have a chance this year of regaining that number one spot.

They are hoping to make more of an impact next year with the release of rejuvenated models such as the GS, ES, RX and LS. New F Sport models will also be released in hope of attracting younger customers. A spokesperson said that if these models were in place at the start of the year, it may have been a different story.

Will BMW USA finish on top like they did last year? It will be a difficult ask as Mercedes-Benz quite a considerable lead.