India bringing plenty of success for BMW

India, one of the world’s largest and biggest booming automotive markets, has been the most successful for BMW in terms of improvement.

In what is an awfully tough market to crack, BMW India has managed to significantly improve their operations and achieve great profits. Performances are getting better slowly but surely.

BMW India President, Andreas Schaff gave a significant insight to BMW’s success in India and their plans for the future in an interview.

Reaching the 10,000 mark

Selling 10,000 cars in India was their target for the whole of 2011. So far BMW have sold a over 8,000. Although it appears that they may not reach that particular target, the company can still boast a good growth rate.

Schaff said in an interview “The growth rate is about 70% this year so far against the last year, when we sold 4,741 cars in the Indian market. I think this year will not just be our most successful year, but most likely the India operations will become our most successful operations in the world this year. We are going to be the fastest growing market for BMW globally. The target of selling 10,000 units is still in reach. It’s difficult to predict, but I am not getting too nervous about it.”

Producing local cars for India in the future?

When Schaff was asked about localising cars for India in the future, he said that remained a possibility for the next decade. Only when BMW India are selling mass amounts of cars per year would the company consider creating cars in the country.

He said in the interview “India will not be a small operation for BMW; it will become bigger in the future. There are a lot of scenarios when it comes to production. It all depends on how fast the market is going to grow. Hopefully, someday we will produce cars in India or look at exporting cars from here. We are evaluating a lot of options, but we see this happening within the next 10 years and not anytime soon. We need to reach at least somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 units a year to start local manufacturing.”

BMW India certainly have a bright future. In a country where the luxury market is not as popular compared to others, BMW could help change the game if they continue to succeed.