How Well is the BMW i8 Doing Now?

If you have ever seen the BMW i8, then you are extremely lucky. The car has been extremely difficult to spot, even with its ever increasing popularity in London. But, how well has the achieved the global recognition it deserves? And, how come it is doing so incredibly well?

For those that have never heard of the BMW i8, then the first thing you would see is an absolutely beautiful piece of engineering that seems to be taking the world by storm. With its futuristic sci-fi design, the sleek sharp edges make the vehicle a head turner. Add that to the scissor doors and the carbon fibre reinforced plastic body (which F1 cars are made from), it really does look like a supercar. It is however much much more than that.

Image credit line: Gyuszko-Photo /

Image credit line: Gyuszko-Photo /

If you didn’t know, the i8 is a hybrid. With both an electric driving mode mixed with the engines that are usually found in MINI’s, the car can reach 60 mph from still in 4.4 seconds. So the i8 looks and performs like a supercar whilst also being eco-friendly and with fuel, it is also economical.

The reasons above speak for themselves, but there are other reasons for why the car is doing so well in London. The government’s Plug-in car grant has helped sales but, when combined with an exemption from the London congestion charge, there have been huge waiting lists since its release in 2014. The BMW i8 is so popular that a limited edition model will be released in September 2016 with only 85 to be sold in the UK. In 2015, the whole range of i BMW’s rose by 65.9% with 29,513 units sold. The i8 accounts for 18% of those sales as 5,456 were sold worldwide. These figures are fantastic when you consider that Ferrari, in 2015 sold around 6,000 units of all their vehicles.

That BMW i8 is a fantastic supercar that has done exceptionally well in its new life, especially when considering that having a hybrid supercar used to be laughable.