Everyone’s talking about the BMW M5

Many reports across the automotive industry are talking about the BMW M5.

Some automotive experts have had the chance to test drive the car. Every report seems to praise the car very highly indeed. We take a look at to what the car has to offer.

Plenty of optional extras

Sean Green, the sales director for BMW UK said that the type of market for the car meant plenty of optional extras will be offered.  “Customers for the new M5 Saloon are predominately retail buyers but many of them run their own businesses. This is reflected in the additional options customers add to their cars. They tick all the option boxes as it is their money they are spending so £20,000 of extras is not unusual”.

Keep up the performance

Tim Abbott, the Managing Director of BMW UK, said that he hoped the BMW M5 would help keep up the companies great performance so far. He said “We are in a turbulent world but in quarter three of this year our global sales are up by 16 per cent. China has played a huge part in our growth but Europe remains the largest market with 637,000 sales so far this year.  We need growth so we can remain profitable and we need to be profitable to develop and bring new cars to market”.

UK market doing well

He went on to mention how strong the UK market is at the moment for BMW.

“In the UK the retail market is very tough but fleet and corporate business for us is very strong.   We sold our two millionth BMW in the UK this year, we built our two millionth MINI at Cowley and our overall sales are going up so we are in good shape”.


The BMW M5 will be showcased at next year’s London Olympics. He highlighted what a great opportunity it was for the company to showcase their broad range of green vehicles, which include the BMW M5.  “Next year our profile will be even higher for a World audience as BMW is the official vehicle supplier for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. These will be the greenest Games ever and will highlight our EfficientDynamics technology”.

The company clearly have their hopes pinned on the BMW M5. We are sure that the powerful agile vehicle will sell very well.