Elvis’s BMW 507 restored after being lost for 50 years

Elviss-BMW-507-restored-after-being-lost-for-50-years2After being ‘lost’ for half a century, Elvis Presley’s treasured BMW 507 has been restored to its original condition.

The Rock and Roll legend owned the car whilst serving in the US army stationed in Germany, and used it to transport himself from the barracks in Freidberg, to his home in Bad Nauheim. The restoration on the rusty motor took place in Munich.

The reconditioning of the BMW took nearly two years; rust had taken a firm hold of the sports car and the process to bring it back to mint condition was a difficult one.

Head of the BMW Group Classic, Ulrich Knieps, who was in charge of the restoration said: “The opportunity to bring back the BMW 507 owned by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll to us here in Munich was a dream come true for all involved.

“This was an exceptionally fascinating project and the outcome is not simply a source of great pride to us.”


The 507 has now been put on display in Pebble Beach, California having previously been on display at the BMW museum in Munich.

Despite the original body parts and other components being mostly all present, the roadster had lost its engine and gearbox.

The rear axle was a replacement from an unknown source, rust had eaten away the floor assembly, and the instrument panel was long gone.

The car had disappeared off the map, after Elvis traded it at a Chrysler dealer in New York. Its next owner Tommy Charles used it for racing before it was sold again in 1963.

Jack Castor bought the car in 1968, unaware of its connections to Elvis until journalist Jackie Jouret got in touch.

The King of Rock and Roll’s formerly red BMW has now had a sparkling white makeover

Jouret said: ‘Jack had tied down its engine bonnet with ropes.

“It took some time until we actually got the engine compartment open and identified the stamped chassis number: 70079, the Holy Grail among BMW numbers.”

The motorcar has now been completely restored to its original state, and has gone on display for the first time since the work was completed.

The 507, with the chassis number 70079, was displayed at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California, in August 2016.

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