Brand new BMW 3 Series revealed

A new version of the most popular BMW, the 3 Series, has been unveiled. The debut sixth generation of the car was streamed via the companies Facebook Page.

The BMW 3 Series is not only the companies’ most important car in terms of sales, it is considered the best car within the particular category in which it is placed, fending off rivals easily.

To be fair, there isn’t much rejuvenation in terms of the car’s design. Is there a need? Why tamper with such a successful blueprint? 12 million sales of the car shows BMW know exactly what they are doing.

Many of you would be expecting us to say that one of the improvements is the economy that is offered with the new BMW 3 Series. This will certainly be one of the car’s major selling points. The greenest model will be the 320d EfficientDynamics variant. The car will be able to achieve an outstanding 68.9 MPG along with emitting just 109g/km C02 emissions. The 335i, which is on the other end of the scale, is able to produce 302 BHP and achieve 40 MPG. The green credentials for this particular car show very respectful figures indeed.

EfficientDynamics itself is a host of innovative BMW technology that makes their car’s more eco-friendly and provide better fuel efficiency. This includes Brake energy regeneration, Electric Power Steering, Optimum shift indicator, Lightweight engineering and more.

Another great feature will be the four wheel drive option. This will be the first time ever that the particular drive system is offered with the car in the UK. At present it is an option throughout specific European countries only.

The car will be built around a brand new chassis. The company promise to provide better handling and comfort with the new BMW 3 Series. A full colour display will also be included for car controls an in car entertainment. There will be an eight speed automatic transmission too, as seen with the BMW 5 Series.

The sixth generation will not disappoint and sell in its thousands, many automotive industry experts are safely assuming. Can’t wait for the new BMW 3 Series? The car will go on sale in February 2012. Prices are said to be starting from £25,525.