BMW’s won’t be Knocking People Down on its Own…

The age of autonomous parking is most certainly upon us. It is without a doubt the future of the automotive industry, and the major companies are fighting each other to become the leaders in the autonomous market. But just recently, it seems as if BMW have just taken a huge step in the race to be the first to unveil the widely anticipated technology.


Although many companies like Tesla have autonomous parking already installed, the Bavarian motor company’s flagship 7 Series, which is its most technologically advanced vehicle, has just ensured that it will stop when there is an obstacle placed in its way during autonomous parking mode. Although there is an abundance of technologies in BMW’s 7 Series which aims to compete with Mercedes’ S Class, the new remote parking technology and its new safety feature, may be the most advanced to date.

The remote parking feature, which is controlled by a key fob, will allow the 7 Series to enter and exit tight parking spaces without a driver present. However, if there is an obstacle, which may include an animal or pedestrian within a 30 centimetre distance of the car, then it will automatically brake.  The vehicle will instantly brake even if the owner is still pressing on the fob, which is very impressive. This will be accomplished via multiple sensors and cameras fitted on the vehicle.

The safety of pedestrians has been a concern of many including law makers during the rise of the autonomous vehicle but, BMW may have begun to fix this problem. Of course this is just a baby step as it’s easier to sense obstacles and immediately stop a car when it is driving at such slow speeds but, it is a step in the right direction still. The 7 Series has been available in Japan since October 2015 but, the key parking fob has only just been introduced. It seems as if the technology is working well though as many videos have hinted to.