BMW’s turning 100, celebrating with new car

It’s lucky BMW are still hard at work at the grand old age of 100, because the way things are looking, everyone will have to work until 100 at this point.

As part of their centenary celebrations, BMW are reportedly readying the unveiling of a new car, with a teaser image suggesting the car will be part of the brand’s electric ‘i’ range. The teaser shows a similar looking grille and headlight arrangement as the brand’s i8 Supercar.


A statement on the BMW website alludes to their big birthday reveal having something to do with future technologies. The statement reads: “Since the company was formed 100 years ago, the BMW Group has always set its sights on the future and been a consistent, innovative force for progress. This is what defines the company and forms its employees’ sense of identity. We live and shape change, acting in a responsible manner towards society and our environment. We overcome challenges and emerge stronger than ever.” BMW chief Harald Krüger also added in a statement: “The company has continually evolved and, in some cases, reinvented itself. That will continue in the future.”

Along with the unveiling of a possible new car/concept, BMW’s centenary celebration will also be accompanied by the launch of a new campaign titled ‘The Next 100 Years’, and a new public website.

Be sure to check back with us for all updates after BMW reveal their surprise.