BMW’s Series’ Are Internally Fighting

There have been multiple rumours and quite extensive reports originally published by Automobile, which argue that big decisions are going to be made in the coming few weeks in regards to the vehicles that make up the 6 Series. The reason behind this seems to be the 9 Series and internal fighting between the series’ vehicles will end some lines of cars.

The new 6 Series is underdevelopment for the end of 2018 or early 2019. The two vehicles which are therefore under reconsideration are the Grand Coupe and the convertible. There are separate reasons for why each vehicle is under reconsideration but, when logically thought about, they do make sense.


Firstly, it is believed that the convertible is set to be axed because it is too heavy a vehicle. Apparently, BMW will be using a different and more effective platform to support the new series and for this, the vehicle would need to shed more weight than is physically possible. Furthermore, with the emissions laws that are in place, it is easier to abide by these laws whilst producing more effective mpg and this can be done if the car weighs less. It does make sense that this will occur for this reason, although no actual official reason has been given as of yet. It is rumours that concern the convertible models departure.

The Grand Coupe on the other hand will most certainly be axed. The reason for this sudden axe, is internal conflict. The 9 Series is set for development and release in 2020, and one of the vehicles that will feature will take the form of the vehicle in question which currently sits in the 6 Series. If the Grand Coupe is not be axed, then there will be too much competition between the very similar 6 and 9 Series Grand Coupe models.

The new 6 Series models will all feature optional air suspension, rear-wheel steering and a new quad-turbo inline-six engine. The 9 Series on the other hand, is rumoured to include a twin-turbo straight-six engine with two high performance e-motors to help produce around 500hp.

The internal struggle at BMW can only be a good thing. After all, it is better to be discussing cars to axe because of internal competition rather than struggling to come up with concepts in the first place…