BMW’s Future

BMWs-Future1This year marks 100 years since the birth of the Bavarian motoring giant BMW, and to celebrate, the company have released a range of concept cars. We have already seen the iNext concept car created by BMW, and now we can see the concept created by BMW’s subsidiary group MINI. MINI really have created the future of driving with this vehicle, as they have combined two of the biggest concepts in the motoring world right now; autonomous driving and mobility.

MINI’s concept vehicle will be a ‘premium compact car for the modern city’ which bases itself around mobility and sharing. What MINI hope to achieve with this concept is the creation of a car which can be shared by multiple people, but will also adapt to the individuals needs. For example, the car will come equipped with a ‘discreet silver skin’, but this will change colour and graphics depending on the individual driver’s preferences. The same can be said for the interior and infotainment system.


Even driving modes can be changed depending on the driver’s wants and needs. MINI wants the vehicle to be both fully autonomous whilst also having the ability to be driven by the driver if desired. Therefore, the car can autonomously drive to the individual who then decides what mode they would like to use it in. MINI has stated that their concept car will also have the ability to hide its controls when autonomous mode is utilised.

In essence, MINI has stated that the future of the company will revolve around mobility and autonomous driving. A statement released by the company said that ‘The MINI of the future will be available 24/7, able to pick its driver up from their desired location in a fully automated way and will adapt itself to the driver’s individual tastes, interests and preferences.’

The vehicle certainly does look impressive and if the concept could be created, mobility would certainly change forever.