BMW’s future lies in customer service, says sales Chief

The customer is always right, Service with a smile and other nauseating clichés all apply to BMW’s plan to stay on top.

In an interview with Auto News, Ian Robertson, the head of sales and marketing for BMW and responsible for sales channels across the entire group, shared how the automaker will further improve their customers’ experience and innovate their brand strategy.


Some of the revealing highlights of the interview include the company’s plan to mix up their customer service staff into a good blend of sales people and Product Geniuses (we hope Apple are contacting their lawyers as they read this) so customers can get the facts and an informed deal rather than just a hard sell. Robertson also wants to revolutionise the ease in which someone can buy a vehicle from stock. Currently the process can take hours – as anyone who has ever bought a car from a showroom can testify to – but it is their intention, according to Robertson, to “cut this down to 45 minutes, which means really reducing all the non-value-added processes within that: financing, pre-delivery inspection.”

Robertson went on to say that the way forward is “a more integrated approach [that] will help those dealers who are already doing a great job do even better, while focusing the opportunities for others to reach their full potential. We want to take the risk out of poor performance, and I have to say that most of the dealers are on board with this philosophy. We launched a program in the UK last year to completely revamp our entire online environment. Pretty much every single UK dealer is now on the back end of the system, so people can interact with a real person until 10 p.m., every day. Within 10 minutes a customer can place an order for a car 24 hours a day, seven days a week and well over 100 customers have done so in the first weeks of operation.”

So for this particular carmaker, they know success doesn’t just come in the form of their cars. People might drive cars, but good customer service drives up business.