BMW urge UK to remain in the EU

Car makers refuse to remain in the backseat when it comes to the ‘Brexit’ talks.

BMW are the latest carmakers to join in the debate regarding Britain potentially leaving the EU. Harald Krueger, BMW AG Chief Executive said a British vote to exit the European Union would muddy the waters going forwards with the iconic UK brands Mini and Rolls Royce, which are enduring figures on the German carmaker’s product line.

BMW-urge-UK-to-remain-in-the-EU“I’d find it very regrettable,” Krueger is quoted as saying at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. “What it might mean is hard to tell. BMW has Mini, Rolls Royce and an engine plant in the UK. It’s critical that there’d be a trade agreement – and what sort.”

Britain’s involvement in the EU has always been valued, and the country is thought of as “a driver for market liberalization and other reforms,” Krueger went on to add. Mini, which has a headquarters based in Oxford, has been owned since 1994 by BMW, which oversaw a renaissance of the brand with a new-generation car in 2001, while the German company bought licensing rights to Rolls-Royce in 1998, establishing the luxury brand’s base in Goodwood, Southern England.

BMW joins the likes of Daimler and Nissan who have publically come out against the idea of Britain leaving the EU. The Geneva Motor Show seems to be drawing out all the political persuasions of automotive industry leaders as Vauxhall chief echoed the sentiments of Krueger by saying “[Vauxhall] have a position and that position is that we think that now, at the moment, we should stay in the EU.”

Supporters of the “In” camp must welcome this support from automobile giants and hope that the support is enough to fuel their side to victory.