BMW to release the X4

Following the X1, X3 and X5, you will be hearing about the release of the BMW X4 in the near future.  It will be a sportier version of the X3 BMW have confirmed, with version it being a 4 wheel drive too.

Whereas some may have seen the news as a surprise, experts in the automotive industry have already anticipated the X4 being developed many months ago. In fact the car was initially designed by the company around 5 years ago.  BMW already seem to have a strong foothold in the SUV market already. All previous X models have come up trumps in the market. Will the new BMW X4 follow suit?

BMW’s latest addition to the market will be smaller and lighter than the X3, which is the model it will be based on. Although it will be based on the X3, there will be distinct modifications to distinguish the car. This will include a different design to the roof, which will be shaped more like a coupe.  This may tempt drivers who want a sporty touch to their SUV. The car may be less practical with slightly less space within, but it seems to target a different type of driver and market.


The Porsche Cajun and the Audi Q5 have been identified as immediate targets. With both of them doing quite well, production of the car may push the car into production early. The BMW X4 is sure to add some brilliant competition this specific type of market.

Different options

BMW have stated that there will be four engines available with the car. You’ll get a choice of both diesel and petrol too, to suit different types of drivers. The transmissions vary too, with a six-speed manual or a seven-speed double clutch. If that isn’t good enough there is also an eight speed automatic gearbox available too. The Dynamic Performance Control System will deliver suit different drive modes, depending on the driver’s tastes.

BMW won’t just stop there, a prestigious M version is also said to be in the pipeline. This is said to include twin turbochargers.

Are we ready for a BMW X4?

When BMW release a new car, they rarely fail. It can be safely assumed that when the BMW X4 is released, we think it will be a global hit.