BMW To Expand In Africa

BMW-To-Expand-In-AfricaThe continent of Africa is rapidly growing, as it has huge market potential and the resources for it to become a large player in the automotive world. It therefore makes sense that BMW would invest heavily and create a suitable long term business plan for the future of the company in Africa. So, with this being said, what is the plan for the Bavarian motoring giants?

Well the plan will start from South Africa, with BMW South Africa. Using South Africa as a base, BMW will look to expand to multiple countries as part of a long term strategy. This will occur over the course of three to four years, and will be approached in an extremely ‘structured’ format. The likes of Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, Kenya and Angola will become the target markets for BMW to penetrate.

These countries will be able to import BMW’s from South Africa in large quantities. This can be accomplished as $417 million was just recently invested in the Rosslyn assembly plant in Pretoria. Then, sales, after sales services and financing will all be offered as part of BMW’s service.

Tim Abbott as Chief of BMW South Africa and the sub-Sahara believes that the best way to accomplish this, whilst also strengthening Africa’s economy, is to create trade agreements and establish beneficial trading blocks. He goes on to say that BMW’s expansion into Africa is because of its economic opportunities, “In our increasingly globalised world we are left with mostly mature economies. Africa is seen by many as the last frontier, where conditions for a future economic boom are favourable… Unlocking the potential of sub-Saharan Africa will need to be a collaborative effort due to the existing challenges in the region.”

We hope that this move is beneficial to both BMW and the entire continent of Africa too…