BMW To Announce New Partnerships

BMW-To-Announce-New-PartnershipsBMW will reportedly release information of new partnerships between companies in the coming weeks, as it seeks to become the leading force in the autonomous driving market. With this, BMW will be able to utilise multiple specialities, whilst also being able to improve upon an already moving autonomous project.

There have already been some huge changes at BMW in regards to the rise of the autonomous car. We have already seen the electric ‘i Division’ change its course, previously being an electric based outfit which created the i3 and the i8 supercar. This division now solely concentrates upon the creation and advancement of the autonomous vehicle. Therefore, this announcement which coincides with the ‘i Division’s’ change, surely means that BMW are attempting to expand their autonomous operations massively.

BMW are rumoured to be holding a press conference with Intel Corporation (who are a world leader in the creation of computer chips) and an Israeli based company known as Mobileye. For those who are unaware of the work undertaken by Mobileye, they specialise in vision based driving assistance technologies.

It is therefore believed that the result of this press conference will be an official statement concerning a collaborative effort between these three companies to make a fully autonomous vehicle. It will then come as no surprise if there will be a fully functioning car soon upon us. We are aware of Intel and BMW’s reputation, and for these companies to work alongside Mobileye must mean that they too are leaders in their field.

With the recent investment, partnerships and the change of the ‘i Division’, we can only assume that BMW really do mean business when it comes to the development and production of an autonomous vehicle. As a luxury company, they will really need to get the autonomous vehicle right to maintain their reputation in the motoring world.