BMW set to launch new branding consultancy wing

BMW-set-to-launch-new-branding-consultancy-wingBMW has revealed it plans to start a new division, which will offer branding advice to companies, says the company’s head of future retail and premium retail experience, Michele Fuhs.

Brands such as German airline Lufthansa and other third parties would be brands that could benefit from the consultations; even competitor brands would be eligible to use the consultation service, providing the link offered some sort of benefit to BMW’s overall strategy.

Speaking at the company’s Future of Retail Symposium in Amsterdam, Fuhs made the announcement following a series of presentations from fashion brands and architects.

The focus of the symposium centred on how retail will change in a declining market, and what methods it can adopt to stay relevant in the modern world.

Fuhs paid specific attention to the deficiencies in existing strategies to increase digital operations. “Digital is not the answer to solve missing customer satisfaction,” he said.

The company’s sub brand, not yet publically named, would collaborate with companies to form stronger brand identities. The idea was initially conceived after Fuhs considered the possibility of a BMW hotel.

Fuhs did not comment as to whether the division would function as an in-house department similar to the M and i sub-brands, or if it would be a more independent set-up. He was quick to distance the project from the term ‘consultancy’ however, but would not go into further specifics about what the company’s role would be.

A spokesman for BMW commented it was too early to elaborate further on the division’s intended operations.

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