BMW rule out all electric M cars, but says hybrid could be on the way

Whilst most car companies are crashing into each other vying to be the keenest and greenest around, BMW are taking an altogether different approach. For them, the engine stays in the picture.

BMW’s Vice President of Engineering Dirk Hacker, a name almost too good to be true, has said in an interview with Auto Express that powering their M range of cars will soon turn hybrid in a bid to lower CO2 emissions and also make the cars faster, more responsive and even more involving.



Speaking about their high performance M car range at the Detroit Motor Show, Hacker was reported as saying “We will look at electrification – I think it could be inevitable – but it depends on the possibility of increasing performance.” Placing the emphasis solely on the driving experience for their consumers, Hacker’s insight tells us that BMW are trying to find a balance between lowering their emissions and delivering what the customer wants. Hacker went on to say that the company “found that our customers are not interested in driving without the combustion engine” and that any alterations in the future will be based around whether “these changes will help with performance.” Operating the ‘never say never’ philosophy, BMW aren’t categorically coming out against the possibility of switching technologies in the future, but only when this will not come as a compromise to the driving experience.

Environmentalists may be offended – but what’s new there? – by an automobile company as prolific as BMW explicitly stating that their major concerns are not just about emissions, especially following the emission scandal that rocked Volkswagen last year, but the companies attitude is refreshingly honest; they won’t compromise their cars for the sake of positive PR. If advancements can be made that ensure electric cars provide the same, if not a better, experience for their drivers, they’ll be the first to embrace the idea but for now, as Hacker nicely summarized with a quotation to Auto Express, their  “philosophy is to get the right balance between power and performance.” When electric can power the cars the way they’re satisfied with, they’ll be plugging in. For now though, as far as BMW are concerned, keep the engines ignited.