BMW report record sales all over the world for April

BMW sales have once again hit record highs. April sales confirmed BMW as the world’s number one luxury car manufacturer. Sales increased by 6.1 per cent. 145,505 BMW’s in total were sold last month alone, with the figure also including that of MINI and Rolls Royce brand. In April 2011, the BMW Group sold 137,195. For the whole year so far to date, BMW have sold 571,040. Throughout the same period last year BMW only sold 519,958. That represents an increase of 9.8 per cent.

The Asian and American car market

Almost every single market that BMW are involved in reported rises. Asian sales grew by 25.1 per cent with almost 39,770 vehicles being delivered. Last year in April just 31,803 cars were sold. Chinese sales hit 27,197 last year which represents an increase of 30.8 percent, meaning last year within the same month BMW sold just 27,197. The United States sold 25,247 vehicles in April of 2011 but has upped that figure to 26,793 this year, hitting an increase rate of 3.9 per cent.

Sales in the European car market

Sales throughout Europe dipped by 2.0 per cent, with just 68,033 sold compared to 69,409 sold in April 2011. Considering the circumstances of the European market this is quite a satisfactory result for BMW. Holland sales increased by 29 per cent, selling 2,100. France sold 5,150 which represented a great 9.2 per cent increase. BMW’s home country of Germany saw an increase of 6.2 per cent with sales of 27,192, after selling 25,600 vehicles last year.

Most successful April ever

Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing said “Following on from the best first quarter in the company’s history, we have just reported our most successful April sales ever. We are well on course to achieving a record year in 2012. We are clearly benefitting from a very attractive product line-up which is finding success with customer’s right across the globe. This momentum will continue as we add new vehicles throughout the year, such as the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé in June”

Will they stay on top?

Can BMW keep their momentum up and remain as the world’s number one luxury car manufacturer? They are fending off the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Audi at present. We believe they will be seen on top of the charts in December.