BMW report record highs in the Middle East

After 2011, we have already reported that BMW have reported record sales in emerging markets such as North America and India. They have done it again but this time in the Middle East, one of the most lucrative car markets around.

The BMW Group Middle East have released figures showing that last year’s performance was the best in the company’s history across that specific region. Sales have jumped by a tremendous 9 %.

Up on all 14 markets

The company have stated that UAE sales helped push up those sales figures with that particular region accounting for 47 % of sales, which was BMW’s largest car market. In total there are 14 separate car markets in the Middle East, with 18,657 delivered across the countries. BMW and Mini sales were both taken into account, with both brands showing their steel and potential. The majority of individual markets recorded a growth figure in double digits.

Abu Dhabi was number two in terms of sales, accounting for 4,436 cars sold and seeing a growth of 23 %. Dubai saw the exact same growth figure of 23 % with 4,395 cars sold. Qatar saw a 26 % increase with sales of 1,265 cars and Saudi Arabia’s sales increased by 2 %, selling 3,072 cars. Kuwait and Bahrain saw a sales increase of 6 %. Yemen saw a growth of 37 %, which was a very pleasing result for the German giants.

Dr. Joerg Breuer

Dr. Joerg Breuer, The Managing Director for BMW’s Middle Eastern Operations said that luxury car section is growing rapidly with the companies partners helping them to take full advantage. He said “The Middle East is enjoying robust growth across all sectors of the automotive industry, with the luxury segment in particular growing substantially. These market factors coupled with the commitment of our importer partners and the launch of seven beautifully-designed and technologically-advanced new models during 2011, have helped drive our 9 per cent sales growth,”


Best selling models

The top selling model was the BMW  7 Series which saw 4,511 sales. The BMW 5 Series was just behind with a total sales figure of 4,511, which was a huge 30 % increase.