BMW passenger punches car in bizarre road rage attack


There are some nutters out there on the roads…

Thankfully, through the wonder of dashcams we can all have a good laugh at them on Monday morning. Our road-rage-weirdo-of-the-week goes to this particular BMW passenger. Filmed at a busy roundabout in Northolt, North London, the driver of a VW Tiguan in the wrong lane begins to indicate as he attempt to maneuver back into the correct flow of traffic.

The white BMW is seen braking and swerving out of its path; it is unclear if the VW sees the BMW. The two vehicles continue until coming to a stop at traffic lights.

At this point the man – a passenger in the BMW – jumps out of the car and starts punching the VW driver window. After a futile period spent trying to open the driver’s door, the lights change and the traffic moves off. The car-punching maniac jumps back in the BMW which speeds away leaving the VW sitting in stunned silence.

The clip has been doing the rounds on social media; see what you think below.

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