BMW M4 CS Limited Edition

All that we seem to be talking about in regards to BMW these days is the difference between the newest and different M4 vehicles that BMW release around the world. Just recently, we talked about the powerful M4 GTS which looks set to be unveiled this coming year. And now, we have a new M4 to talk about…

The BMW M4 CS Limited Edition will be on sale this year, and it will most certainly be a limited edition vehicle. There will only be 60 units created and, they will only be available to purchase in Spain. Standing for Competition Sport, the vehicle not only looks nice but, will certainly be able to perform well too.


The M4 CS does have excellent technical statistics. The 60 units created will produce 444hp, complete 0-60mph in 4 seconds flat and will have a top speed of 174 mph. For even a BMW, these are impressive, but after the recent GTS’ technical statistics were released and with the knowledge that the CS is more limited, it’s a shame that it is not as powerful a car as its GTS cousin.

The exterior will of course take the shape of the M4, but will have special features. Provided by BMW’s M Series department, the CS will feature the M Series chassis and carbon fibre spoiler lips, side skirts, side mirror caps, rear diffusers and wings. As well as that, three different paint colours will be offered alongside their trim counterparts. But, for real car lovers out there, the major difference between the CS and the M4 will become apparent with the addition of lower seated wheels on 20 inch rims.

The interior will be kitted out with the most modern technology BMW have to offer. There will be a new heads-up display, rear-view cameras, rain-sensing wipers and power adjustable headsets. The CS will also sport newly and specifically designed seats, a limited edition key chain and, a special plaque which will remind the owner that the vehicle they drive is only 1 of 60. Costing €132, 900, this range will most certainly sell out very quick…