BMW Have Walked Away From Apple Car… Ages Ago

Recent reports from the German publication outfit Handelsblatt argue that there were talks between BMW, Daimler and Apple over the supposed Apple car but, these have recently fallen through.

The Apple car, much like many other technology projects is extremely secretive but what we do know about the car is that it is nicked named ‘Project Titan’. The concept is believed to be either a purely Hi-Tech electric car which could have the possibility to challenge the likes of Tesla. Apples relationship with BMW has also extremely secretive but, it is known that Tim Cook (Apple Inc CEO) alongside multiple other Apple executives visited a BMW factory in Leipzig, Germany in order to view how the i3 electric car is manufactured.  So, can it therefore be argued that there were talks between the two companies?


Handelsblatt seem to think so. They argue that Apple have been in search for a German technology and automotive manufacturing partner to undertake this project with. This seems sensible considering the reputation that German manufacturers have in the automotive world. If a partnership would to have been formed then you would see luxury mixed with high-end technologies, which is the philosophy of all the companies previously involved in the project.

BMW apparently walked away from the project in 2015 and Daimler even more recently than that. There is a reason behind the talks stopping and it is all over customer data. Apple for their car project apparently wanted to store data over a cloud system, which happens with all their products. The car companies however wanted to store the customer data themselves as they believed it to be more secure. So this is the reason for why the talks ended.

It is amazing that this has only been reported considering many believed that BMW were very close to putting pen to paper. But, BMW are not yet finished in this story. Reports are now surfacing that Apple will manufacture their vehicle with the help of Magna. Magna have been an instrumental supplier of automotive parts for many companies including BMW. Magna have also helped to manufacturer the MINI Paceman and BMW X3.

So, it seems as if BMW won’t be able to escape from the claws of Apple any time soon, maybe they should have just penned a deal last year?