BMW Have Seen A Huge Surge with ReachNow…

BMW’s car sharing side of the business have only just attempted to really gain any credibility in the US market. Yet the result so far, has been fantastic. ReachNow is the name of the BMW led company and it offers car sharing across the city of Seattle. There is a range of MINI Coopers, BMW 3 Series’ and the electric i3’s spread out and ready to be shared. All of this has been created as a means to improve and create the future of alternative mobility options.


ReachNow has been available in Seattle for a little over a month now, but the company has a 350 strong fleet and are looking to add to this number quickly. Furthermore, with 13,000 members already, the BMW led company will most certainly only get stronger over time. But, BMW have previously attempted this business plan and it didn’t work.  Called DriveNow, this subsidiary was released in San Francisco in 2012 but didn’t make any head way. DriveNow was however released in nine different European cities including London and, has been rather successful. So, San Francisco may not have been ready for the vision of future mobility just then, but ReachNow is certainly proving its worth in Seattle.

There may be one reason behind this. BMW sought out tech guru Steve Banfield and appointed him as CEO. By employing a man who has formerly been in high positions in INRIX, Sony, Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Rightside, and RealNetworks, BMW are proving that they really do mean business with this app and car sharing company. By having a tech business CEO rather than an automotive one, different angles can be sought at and, with the way that the company works, the technology in the App is more important than the actual car.

ReachNow is currently only available in Seattle but, the company wants to expand into three more cities this year and ten in the following. Good luck to ReachNow and BMW then.


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