BMW Have Pays Homage to its Most Important Car

BMW are a company who have a rich motoring history and they certainly know how to be appreciative of it. It now marks 50 years since BMW released their infamous 02 Series and a result of this has been the creation of a concept car which pays homage to this. The big cats down at BMW have a lot to thank the 02 Series for as it can be seen as the line of vehicle which changed the fortunes of the company, after it struggled for a long time after the Second World War.


The concept car, named the 2002 Homage, takes most of its design cues from the very successful 2002 Turbo. First produced in 1966, the 02 Series enjoyed a very successful 11 year history; it was one of the first cars to have a turbo engine and most certainly one of the first vehicles to mass produce turbo engines. It can therefore be said that the 2002 Turbo with its boxy approach, paved the way for the modern 2 Series and sports sedans alike.

So, what about the 2002 Homage? Well, the concept was released at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy, and it does look impressive. Taking design cues from both the 2002 Turbo and the modern 2 Series, the vehicle clearly displays a box design added skirting, a bigger grille and more body definition add a new dimension. There are however plenty of resemblances to the 60s vehicle too; from the gold tinted headlights to the placement of the badge, it is clear where the artistic influence came from. The artistic design team have clearly put a lot of effort into this project of appreciation as there is even a strip separating the top and bottom halves of the body, which references the 2002 Turbo’s chrome trim. Even the paint job reference the original 2002’s sporting colours; whilst a modern touch has also been added to give it an edge.

The vehicle will most probably not reach production stage, but it shows both an appreciation of a vibrant past and possibly some design cues which we may see in the foreseeable future. BMW’s Homage concept really is a lovely way to celebrate the 02 Series’ history, let’s hope they keep producing more concepts when more anniversaries occur.