BMW Facing Lawsuit in the United States

BMW-Facing-Lawsuit-in-the-United-StatesBMW are facing a lawsuit in California over their electric vehicle and a specific failure that keeps occurring with it. Although BMW will be taking it seriously, as of yet it is unknown if it will eventually be a huge problem or not.

A US owner has filed a lawsuit against the German automotive company because of a defect with the i3 Rex vehicle. The i3, is an all electric vehicle which has been available to buy since 2013 and for the first time, there has been a reported problem. The i3 apparently looses power whenever the range extender mode is activated. This, it has been argued, may cause serious damage or death if it would happen to occur in certain driving situations.

The range extender works when the battery is low. By starting to recharge the battery when it is activated, many more miles can be driven when the range extender is activated. But, as we have mentioned, this has not occurred with this single vehicle. The driver has also stated that the problem occurs more often when there is additional weight in the vehicle and therefore, he doesn’t drive more than 80 miles and doesn’t carry any extra weight.

According to the individual, this has happened multiple times to him. After the suit has been filed however, there have been many more people who have stated that the same problem has occurred to them too. The driver is therefore seeking compensation for all the drivers of the i3 across the country. BMW have therefore been advised to either compensate the drivers or buy the vehicles back from them.

BMW have refused to comment as they prepare for the legal battle, but we doubt it will go on for too long. BMW have the finances and the legal expertise to fight what could be a false acquisition. Once more is known, we will inform you on the story…