BMW Energy Recycling

BMW-Energy-RecyclingThe energy saving, recycling and sustainability market is growing rapidly across all sectors, and of course the automotive world is no different in this regard. We have seen the likes of Tesla and Mercedes create bigger batteries as they attempt to market them to homeowners as another method of powering homes. Now, BMW have announced that they will be following a similar, yet more environmentally friendly scheme in the United States.

BMW have stated that in the near future, they will be offering old i3 batteries as options for homes. In a joint venture with Beck Automations, the old batteries will form a plug-in-play energy storage unit, which may be able to charge EV’s or run house hold appliances and entertainment systems for up to a day. The role of Beck Automations is to create a charging module where the batteries can be stored, and of course charged.

BMW and Beck plan to incorporate the old i3 batteries with already existing charging stations and solar panels to create cheaper and more renewable energy to compensate for peak energy costs and to also create a backup power generator for when there are power outages. This may become an extremely valuable asset for those who live in areas where power shortages are a common problem.

This is an excellent idea put forward by BMW. When i3 batteries are no longer viably working options, a buy-back or recycling scheme will ensure that they are not just dumped. This kind of system will of course need smoothing out, but as of now there hasn’t been a contingency plan for when batteries actually begin to fail. This may be the best way to deal with the inevitable problem.

BMW have really taken the initiate with a problem which would soon have become apparent. This plan is much better than Tesla’s, who are selling battery packs as individual commodities…