BMW drivers are ‘Britain’s worst motorists’ says new survey

BMW-drivers-are-Britains-worst-motorists-says-new-surveyIn a recent survey, aimed at identifying Britain’s worst motorists, as well as the worst types of driver, BMW owners have come out on top, or bottom – depending on how you look at it.

The survey – conducted by the Jennings Motor Group Driving Survey – showed that more than 60% of those questioned believed that drivers of the German car brand were aggressive and dangerous, way ahead of their closest competitor.

Other motorists to feature on the list were drivers of Audi, Renault, Mercedes and Ford vehicles. Mercedes drivers meanwhile were deemed the most “unaware” of other drivers, as well as being the most “overcautious”.

The group of drivers, the survey identified as the most unpopular on the roads were what we call “boy racers”, this category of driver received almost 50% of all votes cast. Pensioners (27%) and white van driver (23.9%) came next.

Women held more negative views over elderly drivers, with 29.2% saying they were the worst type of motorist, and 10% said they would abolish driving licenses for pensioners.

Those who drive small city cars fared fairly well in the survey, with only 1.3% of people saying KIA drivers needed to be retested – compared to almost 50% of people who say that BMW drivers are reckless and should be retested.

The survey revealed that 62.7% of women claimed never to have committed an illegal manoeuvre whilst driving. Men were more honest, with only 48% admitting to this.

The Digital Marketing Manager at Jennings Motor Group, Dave Gillespie said, “It’s interesting to see how people view drivers of different car brands. BMW drivers have always had a reputation for being aggressive and flouting the law – parking in disabled bays, jumping red lights and undertaking on the motorway, etc – yet many of the motorist surveyed admitted to having committed these or similar offences.”

He went on to say that, “Ford motorists are considered the safest, but as these popular cars are known for their reliability and safety, it is perhaps no surprise that their drivers are careful too.

“Owning a car is a privilege and all motorists have a responsibility to other road users, passengers and pedestrians to drive carefully, obey the law and remain safe on the roads.”

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