BMW diesel engines to be made for the Toyota Auris

In our recent article named the The BMW and Toyota dealon the 5th of December we reported that BMW would supply diesel engines as part of the new partnerships.

It wasn’t clear what Toyota vehicles would receive the BMW sourced diesel engines in question. It has been reported over the automotive press that the Toyota Auris will be the vehicle to get one of the diesel engines supplied by BMW. Are these rumours or could they be true? The sources reporting the news are certainly very trustworthy and wouldn’t report such news if they didn’t have valid knowledge to do so.

2014 the expected date

It will not happen anytime soon however. The expected date for the transfer of the engine is 2014. However some sources have different dates as it has not yet been officially confirmed.

The Toyota and BMW deal

The deal between BMW and Toyota works both ways, with BMW interested in Toyota’s electric vehicle battery technology. Both are expected to combine research and technology departments into the matter. Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, will not be part of the deal. BMW reportedly do not want to directly assist a rival, which makes complete sense.

Imagine a BMW made engine within a Toyota Auris?

It makes the car sound more appealing already. At present, the Toyota Auris lacks in a lot of attributes including style, power, reputation and more compared to main rivals such the ever popular Ford Focus and the never disappointing Volkswagen Golf. Could the new BMW engine help propel the car into competing in what is an extremely difficult category to succeed in?

It will need more improvements in our opinion. As mentioned before the car lacks style. The design seems boring. Toyota are sure to make their next generation Auris a lot more appealing. The driving dynamics of the car will naturally change thanks to the new engine.

The newly formed partnership between Lexus and BMW is a first for the German company doing business in such a way with a Japanese company. It has raised a few eyebrows especially considering the immediate restrictions that were put in place when the deal was settled (The baring of Lexus and Toyota not giving away any Hybrid technology details)