BMW and Zagato team up to make a stunning coupe

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este classic car show held at Lake Como was the showcase for BMW’s latest concept vehicle. The stunning vehicle looks like a dream car. The best of both world’s from BMW and Zagato have been brought together to create a stunning coupe.

Joint statement

A joint statement from both companies which describes the car says it all. They said that the concept “fuses the design DNA of the two companies into a fresh and distinctive whole.”

Road legal

The car will not be released but is said to be fully road legal. The vehicle’s aluminium body is built entirely by hand.

No performance specifications released

The engine and other mechanical features have not had its details released as of yet. What we do know is that car can reach very high speeds, containing a massively powerful engine. It has been revealed that power can be supplied to the rear wheels too. Some experts believe that the car has the Z4 chassis underneath.

Traditional design values kept

This BMW roadster has a long bonnet which is a great touch for the design. The twin circular headlights resemble BMW’s traditional design values. The ‘double bubble’ roof and the ‘Kamm Tail’ rear represent Zagato’s traditional design values.

Huge alloy wheels

The 19 inch five spoke alloy wheels is a wonderful feature. They heavily stand out and fill out the large wheel arches.

Expertly painted

The car has a very unique paint job. It can appear bright red or as a much darker type of colour depending on the angle and lighting at the time. The paint job contains black primmer all over the vehicle amongst a layer of shimmering metallic silver. On top of that there are also six thin coats of bespoke red paint and two layers of clear coat.

Will the car really be put into production?

Although the vehicle is not likely to be built, it is hoped that the concept vehicle will play a major part in future BMW vehicles. The stunning design and paintwork develop a highly desirable type of vehicle.

There are rumours that the BMW Coupe may indeed head for production in the future. If it does, the car will come with an enormous price tag and will only be available to the rich.